Attosecond Freeman Resonance

A 120 attosecond photoelectron time delay is observed in the strong field Freenman Resonance photoionization through the intermediate states of 4p and 5f of Argon atom. More

Attosecond Cluster Spectroscopy

A size-resolved photoelectron emission time delay is observed in water clusters which is atributed to the role of electron localization and delocalization as a function of molecular symmetry. More

Attosecond Shape Resonance

A molecular-frame angular resolved asymmetric photoelectron emission time delay is observed in the vicinity of the Shape Resonance of the diatomic molecule and polyatomic molecule. More

Ultrafast Pulse generation

A ultrabroad discrete or supercontinuum XUV spectrum can be generated via the protocol of high-harmonic generation to serve as a table-top attoXUV or even soft X-ray light source via further pulse compression in time-domain. More

What We Do

  • Ultrafast Optics
    To explore the quantum mechanics in the shortest time domain,
    To develop the most advanced experimental techniques
  • Attosecond pulse generation
  • Electron-Ion coincidence measurement
  • Attosecond optical spectroscopy

Recent news

Quick glance at the frontier of ultrafast science

  • "Attosecond streaking spectroscopy" Dr. Tran Trung Luu, HKU, Hongkong, China
  • "Advanced attosecond optical spectroscopy and its application to solid physics" Dr. Matteo Lucchini, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
  • "Attosecond liquid spectroscopy" Prof. Dr. Hans Jakob Woerner, ETHzurich, Switzerland